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Services - Entertainment and Teambuilding

For business events – especially those intended for celebration like product launches, galas, banquets, and award ceremonies – our 100% customized approach is perhaps most valuable when it comes to the entertainment. An entertainment selection that isn't carefully geared towards your audience can create an evening that's memorable for all the wrong reasons. "You know, I think I'd like to hear a polka band play all night," said absolutely no one.

We'll work with you to get a feel for the composition of your group and find entertainment options that will ensure everyone's comfort and enjoyment. An employee holiday party where most everyone already knows each other is a great spot for a band, or maybe even a karaoke machine once everyone's has a glass of wine in hand. If your group is in need of an ice-breaker, all it takes is a hypnotist and a few brave volunteers. There are endless options and we know we'll find the ones that are just right for your event and organization.

Teambuilding is another area where a completely unique and customized approach is essential. We'll take great care to discuss with you your goals and intentions and create a program that will help you reach them. Whether you need to motivate your crew, integrate new employees, improve collaboration and communication, strengthen workplace relationships and bonds, or even work on conflict resolution, we'll develop activities and challenges using proven methods and our own innovation. And we'll follow up with you. We'll want to know how well the teambuilding exercises worked, what kind of results you've seen, and if we can make further suggestions or help with your ongoing teambuilding efforts. Start thinking about where you'd like to lead your organization, and let us see how we can help.