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Services - Venue and Location Consultation

There are some pretty obvious criteria that go into venue and location selection. Can the venue hold all of your guests? Can transportation easily be obtained? Does it fit your budget? Are there at least four walls? And a roof? And has the interior ever felt the delicate touch of a cleaning service? (There are reasons it pays to go with professional event planners that perform their own on-site inspections—Llike we do!)

Venue and location are arguably two of the most important factors in an exceptional, successful event. But not everything that goes into venue selection is as cut and dry as capacity and cleanliness. We want to make sure your venue sets the tone for your event. Would you be best suited with a streamlined hotel conference centre? An auditorium for a series of seminars? Rustic cabins in the woods to strip away all distractions and allow you to focus on teambuilding? We'll work with you to first determine the scope of your goals, and then we'll work with you to select a venue that would be best suited to helping you reach them.

Thanks to our 20 years in the industry, we have connections with stunning venues in breathtaking locations all over the globe. If we don't already know of the perfect spot for your event, we'll search until we find it, and then we'll scout it out ourselves to make sure it's exactly what you need.